Spring Cleaning


We are coming with excellent Spring cleaning service.

Spring cleaning can be a strenuous and time consuming task. Those who attempt it on their own sure do have a big mission at hand. The better option is to outsource the entire process to a professional agency that is adept at carrying out such projects. Due to the detailed and numerous steps that a spring cleaning requires, two or more hands are better than one.

Commit2clean Cleaning Services is equipped with the staff, equipment and willingness to get your spring cleaning job done without a hitch. Our spring cleaning program includes thorough cleaning of the entire house. Methodical washing of all floors, doors, windows, fans, gates and contents within such as furniture, wiping of closets and cupboards, bathroom amenities, kitchen elements and even storerooms, basements and attics, if any. Besides the cleaning ritual our staff can also help you pack and dispose your unwanted or old items which is customary when you are tidying up your place before any celebration or occasion.

For details on our spring cleaning program, please contact the team at Commit2clean Cleaning Services at the earliest, especially if you are planning to engage us before any specific festival such as the Lunar New Year (CNY). This will ensure you get your booking in time, and your home is ready to welcome its new beginnings.

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