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How dirty is your Office?

You spend about 8 hours every day in your office, but have you ever thought about that how clean it is? Your office that looks clean and clear from the surface may be housing a lot of germs beneath. Are you thinking that how this is possible when you get your office cleaned every day?

You may not be aware that your office is becoming the base of germs and you must be surprised to know that your cubicles are dirtier than the communal areas. Yes, there are more bacteria in your key boards, desks, copy machine and other places.

Most of the times you take care that there are no dusts lying on the grounds or the cubicles are clean. However, what you ignore is whether they are hygienic or not! You cannot think that the mouse that you use also has some germs on it!

All this affects your health and the health of your employees a lot. The bacteria that born on different part of your office gradually make your employees weak and you are not even aware of the fact. What you think is that you get commercial office cleaning and that is good enough. It’s true that your clean office is good for your client but next times do ask yourself if it is actually clean for your employees too.

What Can You Do?
Of course, in order to make your office actually clean you must take help from commercial office cleaning services like Commit2Clean. When you call them let them know about your concern and they will suggest you way outs so that you have an absolute clean office.

The Commit2Clean cleaners have experience and expertise to remove those germs and bacteria that hovers over your office space. They will even provide you solutions using which you can keep your office clean even in absence of the cleaners. They will suggest you different ways that will reduce the germs in your office. Like, you must encourage your staff to keep their work station clean and clear.

In order to sanitize different objects in your office they will also suggest you about a good sanitizer which will keep the place sanitized and fresh.

We at Commit2Clean provides services to

  • Schools Cleaning,
  • Office Cleaning,
  • Medical Centre Cleaning,
  • Child care Cleaning,
  • Age care facility,
  • Body corporate,
  • Accountants chambers,
  • Taxation Office,
  • Medical centres,
  • Warehouse,
  • Industrial areas,
  • Car parks,
  • Mechanical workshops


Whatever type of windows, no matter how high, we employ all the latest methods to ensure your glass will be left sparkling clean. For external windows, the preferred method is Reach & Wash, where ionised water is fed through carbon fibre poles to reach heights of up to 80 feet. The ionised water traps all dust and particles, leaving your windows as clean as can be.

Our specialist commercial window cleaners are trained in all types of access methods, from abseiling to powered cradles, so we are able to tackle everything from bungalows to skyscrapers.

To end the note
You are not aware that how dirty your office is as it seems clean in your eyes. Get Commit2Clean professional commercial office cleaning services to ensure that your office is germ free.

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